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Good Death Fellows 2022

Meet this year’s fellows–leaders in the Death Positive Movement addressing systemic and social problems to help everyone die better.

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Olivia Matthews


The Idea

Theater as a vehicle to illuminate similarities and tensions between the Death Positive Movement and the Movement for Black Lives.

The Project

Olivia Matthews’ play “Here Lies Vivienne Greene” follows Vivienne, a funeral director at the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement. Vivienne helps a desperate Black mother to help save her boy from an angry white mob by smuggling him out of town in a casket– alive. Audio and virtual versions of the play will be created and made available, along with commentary from deathcare advocates, historians, and activists. In the spirit of Theater of the Oppressed, audience members will be invited to participate in a discussion addressing the conflicts in the play and then physically explore and engage possible solutions to racist institutional practices in their communities and the funeral industry.

Black man acting in dramatic lighting


Olivia Matthews’ plays have been seen in Atlanta, Vancouver, Houston, and NYC. Her work often explores family dynamics, the complexities of young women and teens, and the oddities and magic of The South. Olivia received her M.F.A. in Playwriting from Ohio University. In 2020, she participated in the Sesame Workshop Writers’ Room Fellowship. Her full-length play Absentia is the 2020 winner of the Jane Chambers Student Playwriting Award and was recently named a panel favorite by The Wayward Artist. Visit Olivia’s website.


Central Florida

Wake logo


Community Deathcare Nonprofit

The Idea

Target a gap in social services and make affordable and environmentally sustainable deathcare available to the community.

The Project

Wake’s Deathcare Concierge Program draws on New Orleans’ long history of mutual aid societies. The program connects economically disenfranchised people struggling with the costs and bureaucracy of dying with affordable and ecologically sustainable resources such as low-cost funeral arrangements, memorialization, no-to-low-cost grief support, and legal help.

Graves at cemetary with giant old tree


Wake is a nonprofit organization with a mission to provide education and resources for meaningful, affordable, and environmentally sustainable deathcare. They work to connect the community to deathcare through direct service and via educational materials and outreach events. Wake’s vision is for everyone in the community to have equal access to quality deathcare, regardless of socioeconomic status. Visit Wake’s website.


New Orleans, LA

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Brian Walsh

Communication Designer

The Idea

An interactive website that reveals the financial and environmental impact of your death choices.

Project Description

Brian Walsh is designing an illustrated and highly interactive website experience. Visitors will select their preferred method of disposition–conventional burial, cremation, or eco-friendly options like green burial and aquamation.

Based on their choices, visitors will be presented with information on the financial, religious, and environmental aspects of their choice. The website will address the availability of the option depending on their location and how it might affect family participation. Visitors will be able to compare each option based on what is most meaningful and important to them at the end-of-life.

Website interface with typography and a body going into a machine


Brian Walsh is an Assistant Professor of Communication Design at Elon University, and directs the Media Analytics program. He holds a BA in Communications from UNC Chapel Hill and an MFA from CalArts, and has taught web and data programming for nearly two decades. This is his first creative project to successfully synthesize his teaching interests with his research on American death traditions. Visit Brian’s website.


Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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A Sacred Passing

Death Midwifery & Community Education Nonprofit

The Idea

Increase the access to education for people wanting to learn how to support and
care someone through abortion and pregnancy loss.

Project Description

A Sacred Passing is creating a guided curriculum alongside free resources to train people to support those seeking abortion, wanting to care for someone thru their abortion or experiencing reproductive loss. The materials will work to increase the number of people who feel confident enough to support those who have had an abortion as well as increase the number of people who understand the actual process of abortion, the legal landscape, and barriers to access. A curriculum based online will create accessibility in states where this information and care is illegal.

People standing around covered body


A Sacred Passing’s mission is to guide and assist people towards a more conscious dying experience while honoring individual autonomy. They work to actively dismantle systems of oppression as they present in death and dying through education, care, and advocacy, by building access-focused, anti-racist, and gender-inclusive environments, death doula training, educational offerings, community events, and resources. A Sacred Passing offers death and dying education to individuals, community associations, and medical organizations. Visit A Sacred Passing’s website.


Seattle, WA

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