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Caitlin Doughty

Founder/Advocacy Director

After founding The Order of the Good Death in 2011, Caitlin has spent over ten years focusing on funeral industry reform and improving the public’s relationship to mortality. Her educational webseries Ask a Mortician has been viewed 200 million times and all three of her books on death culture are New York Times bestsellers. She co-owns a funeral home, Clarity Funerals, that puts her advocacy into practice. For speaking engagements and additional information, visit caitlindoughty.com.

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Sarah Chavez

Executive Director

Sarah is the co-host of Death in the Afternoon Podcast, co-founder of anti-racist nonprofit, the Collective for Radical Death Studies, and co-founder of feminist death site, Death & the Maiden. As a founder of the Death Positive Movement she is passionate about addressing the underlying issues that adversely affect marginalized communities’ experiences of death. Sarah also writes and speaks about decolonizing death in the Chicano community, food and death, and obscure death history. For interviews and events contact Tara Perez tara (at) orderofthegooddeath.com

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Louise Hung

Producer & Writer

Louise has been writing about death, death history, and death mythology for more than a decade. She is the producer and co-writer of Ask a Mortician, co-host of Death in the Afternoon, and is co-host and director of The Mortals’ Market. When she isn’t researching Iconic Corpses or the magic of the middle ages, Louise writes about Asian American culture, experiences, and connections to death beliefs and rituals. Based in Brooklyn, NY. Louise can be reached at louise (at) orderofthegooddeath.com

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Ericka Cameron

Development Director & Project Coordinator

Ericka serves as the Development Director & Project Coordinator for the Order of the Good Death. In this role she leads fundraising efforts and manages projects to advance the mission of the Order. In addition to advocating for universal access to a ‘good death’, Ericka is a passionate defender of disability rights and bodily autonomy. When she isn’t chatting with donors or making spreadsheets she enjoys cross-stitching cat-related puns. Ericka can be reached at ericka (at) orderofthegooddeath.com

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Caroline Reilly

Social Media Content Contributor

Caroline is a culture and health journalist from Boston. She regularly contributes to a number of publications including Teen Vogue, the Washington Post, GQ, and Vulture where she writes about everything from medical misogyny to menswear in film and television. When she isn’t working she can be found scouring the internet for the best Nordic noirs and parenting her neurotic Italian Greyhound, Rocko.