Protect and Expand Your Rights! FTC's Funeral Rule Changes

Thank you for your interest in expanding legalization of Natural Organic Reduction (aka human composting) in the U.S.

Composting bills have been passed in seven states including Washington, Oregon, Vermont, Colorado, Nevada, California, and New York thanks to people like you!

Ways You Can Help

Support a Current Campaign

As bills progress through the legislative process you can make an impact by voicing your support of the bill through email and letters, at designated times. Get alerts about upcoming campaigns by following us @ordergooddeath on Instagram and Twitter, visiting our Calls to Action page, or by signing up for our newsletter.

Contact Your Representatives

Remember, your representatives can’t advocate for something they don’t know about! NOR is a new and still relatively unknown option for most people. Find your representatives, research their preferred method of contact (this could be email, phone, or even tagging them on social media). Let them know that you would like NOR as an option, what the benefits are, and why it is important to you.

Find Bill Sponsors

While an idea for a new law often comes from regular citizens like you, only a legislator such as a Senator or Assemblymember can submit the proposal for a new law, called a bill, so finding a representative who believes in NOR and will sponsor it is crucial. Setting up an in-person meeting with your Representatives will be the most effective way to advocate for your idea.

When you meet your representative introduce yourself as a constituent who lives in their district. Briefly outline what NOR is, what the benefits are, and why you want it as a choice. It’s a good idea to have written materials prepared that you can leave with them, including your contact info – this FAQ sheet is a good example of the kind of information you will want to include. Be sure to follow up with a hand written thank you letter.

Social Media Advocate

Share your enthusiasm for composting on your favorite social media platform by spreading the word, and sharing facts and information, You can download and share one of our free graphics, link to our resource page on human composting, or use one of these template posts:

Everyone deserves the right to choose death care that is meaningful for them. My choice is composting.

I want to be composted when I die because I want my final act to help, not harm the earth.    

I want to be composted because I care about people and the planet. 


Sample Letter

Here is a short letter/email based on templates created in previous legislation efforts.

I am writing to express my support for the creation of a bill that would allow (your state here) residents with natural organic reduction, a safe and sustainable death care option that has recently been legalized in five states. This process would provide (your state’s) residents with a funeral option that offers significant savings in carbon emissions, water, and land usage over conventional burial or cremation.

Cremation requires fossil fuels and emits CO2 into the atmosphere, polluting our air and contributing to climate change. Conventional burials with a casket leach chemicals into the ground from the treated casket wood and embalming chemicals. One metric ton of carbon is prevented from being emitted into the atmosphere for every individual who chooses NOR over conventional burial or cremation.

Burial space across the United States is becoming limited, especially in more urban areas. This leads to the increased cost of death-care options for individuals and their families. As cemeteries begin to fill up and land is less available for burial plots, people are looking for more sustainable death care practices. The creation of a bill allowing natural organic reduction in (your state) would create additional options for death care practice that is more environmentally friendly and sustainable. (Your state) residents deserve the right to choose a death care option that is meaningful for them and their families. Natural organic reduction is my choice because ___________.

(your name, state, contact information)

Looking for more ways to get involved?

Together, we can create a more eco-friendly, meaningful, and equitable future of death!

Current Bills to Legalize Composting

  • Massachusetts Bill SD898 was introduced in January 2023 and includes aquamation. This Bill is now H4036 and is currently in process. The latest hearing was held on September 20, 2023.
  • MinnesotaSF3134 was introduced in the House of Representatives on March 6th. It will not be voted on in 2023, but will be reintroduced in 2024.
  • Rhode IslandH6045 was introduced in March 2023 and moved go the House Operations Committee in May 2023.
  • New Mexico – In February 2023 Bill SB407 was introduced. It is currently being reviewed by the Senate Taxation, Business, and Transportation Committee.
  • Maryland – On March 20, 2023, Maryland House of Delegates passed HB 1060. The bill now under review with the Senate Finance Committee..
  • IllinoisHB3158 currently has a dozen co-sponsors. It was filed on on February 16, 2023. In July 2023 the bill was passed on to the Senate Assignments Committee.
  • MaineBill LD536 was introduced in February 2023. In July 2023 it was decided that the bill will be carried over to the next legislative session.
  • ConnecticutBill HBO6485 was introduced in January 2023 and is currently in progress.
  • Nevada – A bill was introduced in March 2023 and signed into law by the governor in May 2023.
  • New Jersey – In February of 2023 Bill S3610 was introduced.
  • TexasSB105 and HB2895 seek to amend the legal definition of cremation to include aquamation.
  • VirginiaBill HJ513 directs funeral directors and embalmers to study composting and make recommendations for establishing composting facilities.