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A Death Positive fellowship & Grant Program

Our Purpose

The Order of the Good Death is pleased to offer project grants to individuals or organizations working to address social and systemic problems in death.

Fellowships are open to thought leaders and community organizers within the death positive community that have a project intended to make death a more meaningful, sustainable, and equitable experience for all, including but not limited to education, community care, art, events, technology, and/or advocacy.

This grant will provide funding to three recipients (Fellows) to launch or advance their existing work on a specific project in their area of expertise. In addition to funding they will receive expert support, access to resources, and connection to a community with a passion for changing the future of death care.

Who Are We Looking For?

Learn about our 2022 Fellows and their projects.

The grant is open to the public. All fields and professions-regardless of area of expertise-are eligible to apply as long as the individual or group demonstrates:

  • Dedication to death positive education and advocacy
  • A particular area of focus
  • Clear outcomes or goals for their project

Applications should focus on creating a new, or advancing an existing, unique project, that’s spearheaded and led by the applicant. Those in fields not traditionally associated with death care (ex: arts, skilled trades, technology, etc.) are highly encouraged to apply, as no preference will be given to any profession or aptitude. The Order recognizes that everyone can make a difference, and that communities are best served by those who are active participants in them. We want to invest in you, your ideas, and your community, by providing you with the tools, funding and support to make a difference.

Please note that applications to fund a general interest in death care, grief care projects,  furthering one’s personal education/training, or expanding a personal business in death care or the funeral industry (unless it is specifically related to a larger project), book publishing, or purchasing property will not be considered. 

How Much Are the Grants?

$1,000 – $3,000


$4,000 – $7,000

How Do I Apply?

The 2023 application period is currently closed.

When Are Grant Recipients Notified?

Summer 2024.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know Before Applying?

  • Your application must be received by no later than the specified deadline (applications are currently closed).
  • Applications may come from anywhere in the world.
  • The funding cycle of the fellowship will be 9 months long. Your project must have actionable items that will occur, and a rough budget estimating how funds will be spent or distributed for your project.
  • Brief progress reports over the life course of the grant will be required so that the Order can be informed of your project’s progress and the use of funds. Recipients will receive a short form and spreadsheet to fill out.
  • The grant and project must be entirely managed and facilitated by the recipient of the grant.
  • The Order of the Good Death and affiliates, will be available as technical assistance advisors throughout the life cycle of the grant, and beyond.
  • Recipients will be named Good Death Fellows, and will be featured on the Order’s website, in newsletters, and various social media platforms via articles, interviews, and videos, as a way to promote their work, and foster ongoing public support and education surrounding their project. It is our hope and desire that the applicant feels comfortable maintaining an ongoing relationship with The Order Of the Good Death to the benefit of both parties.
  • Access to additional tools and opportunities to support your project’s specific needs will also be provided.

How Are Applicants Selected?

Grants will be awarded at the discretion of The Order of the Good Death.

Decisions will be made based upon:

  • Innovativeness of the proposed project
  • Proposed project’s contribution to furthering the Death Positive Movement
  • Realistic timeline of project completion under a condensed grant period
  • Reach (who will benefit/target audience)

Distributing Grant Funds and Progress Reports

Periodic progress reports over the life course of the grant will be required. A simple report template will be provided to the grant recipients to complete and submit. Grantees will be made aware of report deadlines well in advance.