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Child bride Courtney Stodden shares a little death advice with the world on an Australian morning show.

When the 51 year old Doug and the 16 year old Courtney were asked what they would say to people who say they shouldn’t be married, they replied:

Doug: We would say to our critics that love is difficult to find in this world, if you are lucky enough to find it… embrace it fearlessly, because we don’t know if whether we’ll be here tomorrow so we’re diving in today.  And 51 + 16 = Love.

Courtney: Sexy love, SEEEXXYYY love. When you find that one man that you know you love, you know you love everything about him, his face his body his hair, go for it.  Go for it!

Reporter: What attracted you to Courtney, she’s so young Doug, she’s got all her life in front of her.

Courtney:  I’ve got a lot in front of me, exactly, I think that’s what seduced him.

Then Doug compared her beauty to that of Sharon Tate (the actress murdered by the Manson Family).

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