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The Ecstasy of Decay no 1 was one of the first projects ever produced by the Order of the Good Death.  In January 2011 I was working on a book of ideas for artistic death when a friend of mine, the filmmaker Angeline Gragasin, suggested that she film me while at work.  From that simple idea, The Ecstasy of Decay film series was born.

The title, Ecstasy of Decay, was actually a concept I had had lying around for several years that Angeline thought made a provocative choice of name.  The concept behind it is essentially that the human corpse is made to decay and decompose, and that self reflection on the gloriously unpredictable nature of bodily decay actually can create great joy in the living.

This first video in the series was designed to let people know who your mortician actually is, ‘lest you suckahs out there on the interwebs question my mortician corpsey interaction cred.


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