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This is an introductory bio video made for Fortnight Journal, an online journal documenting innovative members of the millennial generation in traditional fields.  I qualify because you think, “oh, Mortician, you just wear a black suit and carry a fog machine in a wheelbarrow behind you everywhere you go for ambience.”  While that is certainly true about me (and takes up most of my time, really) I also have YouTube channel and website and weirdo ideas about how we should “do” death.

Regardless of why I was selected, I’m very proud of the pieces I’ve been working on for Fortnight.  There will be six pieces total: essays, interviews, photography, and a video.  I will post them as they are released.

Here is a bio video that Jamie and Mara Zehler helped me shoot, since Fortnight is in New York.  I talk about dead ducks and Hawai’i and animatronic dinosaurs.

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