Accepting Applications For The Good Death Fellowship Apply Now!

This is an introductory bio video made for Fortnight Journal, an online journal documenting innovative members of the millennial generation in traditional fields.  I qualify because you think, “oh, Mortician, you just wear a black suit and carry a fog machine in a wheelbarrow behind you everywhere you go for ambience.”  While that is certainly true about me (and takes up most of my time, really) I also have YouTube channel and website and weirdo ideas about how we should “do” death.

Regardless of why I was selected, I’m very proud of the pieces I’ve been working on for Fortnight.  There will be six pieces total: essays, interviews, photography, and a video.  I will post them as they are released.

Here is a bio video that Jamie and Mara Zehler helped me shoot, since Fortnight is in New York.  I talk about dead ducks and Hawai’i and animatronic dinosaurs.

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