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1)  Being featured on German blogs fills me with intense waves of joy.  This is the fourth or fifth one I’ve found so far.  Of course I Google translate them like, immediately.  I think they’re positive?  I don’t totally know for sure because Google translate is a hot wonderful mess.

“Clinical mosque Ole! I can not get past it, you imagine Caitlin Doughty, an Undertaker with a passion.  This approach to the subject of death is one or the other perhaps too American, it does not harm a look at this entertaining examination of risking it. Did you know that the bones of a burned body in a bone mill to be ground? “

2)  Look, it’s Ask a Mortician spelled out with Llamas.  Episode 3 coming early next week!  There will be new elements.  The new elements aren’t actually llamas.  Sorry.

3)  Look, it’s an American Girl catalog defaced to make every option a little Caitlin.  Throw some black bangs on any American Girl doll and a teeny mortician emerges.

Shannon Cwikla is a member of the Order and an artist.  I think taking a Sharpie to a catalog absolutely counts as ART don’t you?

4)  I finally broke down and got a Twitter.  I resisted for awhile, but now that it’s all decorated and I realize that I can finally tweet statuses that fall under #shit old men say when I deliver their wives’ urns, I’m actually pretty happy about it.

Perhaps I will start answering questions on the Twitter as well.  Although my geek out answers would be WAY longer than 140 characters.

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