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Order member Sarah Wambold weighs in on holographic mourning.

It cost money, but they raised the dead. And so close to Easter, how fitting.

Of course, I’m talking about Tupac’s holographic appearance at Coachella, where his image was recreated to blow the minds of everyone, including his inimitable partner Snoop Dogg who appeared to be freaked out and totally absorbed all at once.

Watch the video.

If you have no sentimentality towards Tupac, Snoop, the rap game or live music in general, that’s ok. Eventually, what made a bunch of nostalgic fans/the entire internet lose their collective shit is where funeral service needs to take some SERIOUS NOTES.   People want that last dance, last laugh. If your funeral home puts up the cash (or dare I say, asks for it) for a hologram of Grandma laughing like no one else- you’re gold, Ponyboy.



*Edited to add that the creators behind the Tupac hologram are REZIN8. Learn about them and see more of their work here.

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