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I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, Tibetan Sky Burial is my favorite death ritual. The tearing apart of the dead body and consumption by vultures high in the mountains of Tibet, your corpse soaring into the sky in every direction.

I talked about it in Ask a Mortician Episode 3.


Since my description doesn’t really do it justice, here is a great video of the process sent in by Sara Thomas (thnx gurl).


Two things are great about this video (beyond the beautiful soaring shots of the vultures).

1)  The narrator’s accent: “Nombe-la’s ccuurrppsaahh…”

2)  The corpse cutter himself. They call him the undertaker, but it’s really more of a specialized position where he slices the corpse and prepares it with spices for the vultures to consume.

A+ for his honesty. I would watch a TV show about this guy, oh yes I would.

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