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There’s always stories about celebrity ash smoking or ash snorting or ash eating.  It seems to go with the fame, somehow.  Usually I find it kind of crude, but I’m a big fan of this just released video about smoking postmortem Tupac.

FYI, Pac loved “chicken and the BEACH.”

“Yeah, it’s definitely true. I think it was the night of, we had a little memorial for him, with his mom, his family and s*it,” Young Noble said. “And we hit the beach, do a lot of s*it he liked on the beach. Some weed, some chicken wings, he loved orange soda and all that kind of s*it. Pac loved that kind of s*it, so we were giving him our own farewell that night. That night, I forget which one of us came up with that s*it.”

“I came up with that s*it, if you listen to ‘Black Jesus’ he says last wishes, n*ggas smoke my ashes, so that was a request that he had. Now whether how serious he was about it, we took the s*it serious,” E.D.I. added in.

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