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There comes a time in every young woman’s life when she must decide what to do with her educational death webseries.  Well, by “every young woman” I may just mean me.

The response from Ask A Mortician has been more overwhelming and wondrous than I ever could have imagined.  For every random internet dude who’s like, “creepy-  gross who is ‘dis chick?” there have been thousands of you who are absolutely delightful and open to engaging and knowing more about death.  It is your fate, and you are tired of being kept from a rational discussion about it.

That said, the way that I currently make these videos is a little trying on my sanity.  They take a long time to make, with all the edits and writing and special whizz-doos. Each one is a big event I get all worked up about.  Keep in mind that I’ve been toiling away on my little death projects and theories for years in my room, to the audience of my cat.  “Meow, you simply must understand the importance of mortality acceptance to Western society!”  This is to say, it’s a very strange experience to have the discussion becoming so much bigger.

I would like to propose a new format, where I just answer one question an episode.  Keep them short, approx 2 minutes.  Release them more frequently, but with less photoshops and swirly pictures.  To make it more of a regular engagement as opposed to a big, scary event for me.

I’m very very open to your thoughts on this.

Do you think the shorter, less flashy but more frequent episodes are the answer?

Prefer the current format, even if they’re less frequent?

Think it’s f*ing weird that I talk death theory to my cat?  (fair enough on that one)


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