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Oh hello there.  Welcome to my home.  I hope you’re hungry, my dears.

First let me offer you some tea.

Do you take sugar in your tea?

How about a cookie?

Now that we’re comfy, let’s talk death fear.  In my reading this weekend I found a fantastic list of seven common fears about death from a paper called “Values Destroyed by Death” from 1961.

I started asking my friends what their most fundamental fear about their own death is, and, quite magically, they seemed to fit within these categories.

1. My death would cause grief to my relatives and friends.

2. All my plans and projects would come to an end.

3. The process of dying might be painful.

4.  I could no longer have any experiences.

5. I would no longer be able to care for my dependents.

6. I am afraid of what might happen to me if there is a life after death.

7.  I am afraid of what might happen to my body after death.


Jillien my roommate is a primary 3/6, Mara is a 1, Jena is a 4, I’m solidly a 2.  It seems, from cursory interviews, that your anxiety will focus on one or two of the seven fears, with smaller or nonexistent issues with the remaining fears.

I’d love to know what your fear is!  (Especially if it doesn’t appear on the list, since these seem to do a great job of covering the deathy fear bases).


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