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I don’t “interpret” art that often because it reminds me of the Illeana Douglas art class scenes from Ghost World.

“It’s called ‘Tampon in a Teacup,’ it’s a response to the issue of a woman’s right to choose… it’s something I feel super-strongly about.”

This skull spew piece makes me think of Ke$ha.  But that’s too simple isn’t it?  Too “surface.”

All the joyful neon colors of life are directly caused (puked up, if you will) by death.  If we didn’t die there would be no need to make art or have fun or sex or anything because life would be one llooooonngggggg grey misty despair filled wraithlike endless existence where nothing mattered.

The threat of our imminent death is the only thing that keeps life colorful.  May the skull puke upon you all.


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