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As you may know, The Order is very big on the use of hair as a relic and tool of mourning.

(See: Ask a Mortician Ep 5 & Hair Essay)

Jenine Shereos, unbeknownst to her, may have stumbled upon a perfect modern answer to the intricate hairwork of Victorian mourning pieces.  Behold, these lovely hair leaves!  Now, I understand that Ms. Shereos is not after the death market with her art, nor are these pieces likely done with the hair of someone dead (or, not dead YET in any case, as we are all headed that direction).  But this is one of the first things I’ve seen in quite some time that would serve as a modern relic.  If I had more of my grandmother’s hair, or anyone else close to me who has died, I would be delighted to have their hair turned into such a delicate, lovely thing.

Ms. Shereos’s artists site has several other amazing projects, please take a gander.




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