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Deathlings, far and near.

I will admit that I have been distant the past month. The warm, chummy embraces of mortality you have come to expect have been few and far between. I promise I will be much more dedicated to the blog/video projects in the foreseeable future.

In the meantime I present a totally random assortment of things that have been happening the past month, perhaps to act as penance (read: excuses) for my absence.

First, I married one of my best friends! By married, I don’t mean got married, I mean I literally performed the ceremony. I am now legally allowed, by various government licenses, to both marry and bury people. Love and/or death for all! Eros and Thanatos, etc.


I’ve also been at work on several LARGE-scale projects, larger than the Order has e’er seen the likes of before. They must remain hush-hush as of now (although I hate to be one of those people who posts sad lyrics on Facebook with no context so their friends will be like “Oh my god, what’s wrroonng?”) I tell you this only to prove I haven’t been sitting on my bed eating chocolate bon-bons and watching Masterpiece Theater… although, to be fair, I’ve totally been doing that too.

I also did two lectures, one at Cal State Los Angeles and one a panel discussion at the Chicago Cultural Center. The Cultural Center has the memento mori art collection of Richard Harris up until July, and GOOD GOD if you have not been you must must must. Is my emphasis clear here? I will write more on my time in Chicago very soon.

The cultural center and the fine organizers MeMo did very nice things like bring me in for this panel and describe me as a “L.A. based alternative mortician and activist” in the promotional literature. I feel like a real person, Mom!

A lot of you have inquired after the next Ask a Mortician episode. In a snarky voice, I answer you, “Why don’t you ask the trackpad on my Macbook?” That is to say, my shit is broken. I shot the episode, but now it lives on the dusty editing shelves of my computer until I can drag myself to the horror that is The Grove shopping center in LA and go to the Mac Genius Bar. Fie.

Order photog Darren Blackburn (with his fancy new website here) did another shoot of me, half for publicity things, half for being ridiculous. Here’s one of the raw shots.

Ah, nature corpses.

Vive la muerte until we meet again… which will be soon… omg I promise ok geeeeez get off my BACK you guys.  xx


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