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People have been sending me magical death links by the damn truckload in recent months.  Since it’s Sunday I thought I’d feature my favorites from the week.

Vintage Morgan Freeman enjoys a little scrubby scrub in the bathy way caskey wasket.



One of my absolutely favorite quotes.  Rotting is the quickest way to eternity my friends.


THE most perfect little death satire.  Student interview from “The LA School of Eternal Beauty.”  I cannot believe I have never seen this.

“I can tell you that anybody who ever comes to me, no matter what their monetary value is, they’re only going to get the best embalming fluid from me.”



A monk prays for a dead man in the station hall of the

Shanxi Taiyuan Train Station, China

“I remember clearly that it was about 5 p.m. on November 25. I was just finishing an assignment photographing retired military soldiers bidding farewell to their comrades at the train station. On my way out, I heard someone yelling from a corner and soon after lots of people gathered around. I ran towards the sound and made my way to the front of the crowd, only to find an old man dead on the bench. As I raised my camera, a Buddhist monk walked out of the crowd and went directly towards the dead man. The monk bent down to hold the old man’s hand and started to chant scriptures. I began to take pictures immediately. One minute later, police came over and cordoned off the area. After the monk finished the ceremony, he bowed to the old man and quickly disappeared among the other busy passengers.”   Source


Unicorns have organs made of magical flora, natch.


A terrifying vision of what “Ask a Funeral Director” would look like.  Preneed financial estate planning, ya’ll.  Picking the right flowers for your casket!



File under: Awesome People Hanging Out Together.

Will Slocombe (filmmaker and dude who shot our Death by Fame video) was in Chicago this week and got to hang out with Sarah and Drew of Manual Cinema (shadow puppeteers who did the title sequence for Death by Fame).  I made him take a picture so I could hold it and weep jealous tears in a dark corner of my room.


Will’s awesome web series on his film job, Reception.

Manual Cinema’s new projects here.

Link/Photo Credits:  Kate Chaos, Brian Ashby, #FRANKEL, Ariel Hart

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