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Well. Holy Shit.

You put out one little self-made genky YouTube video and all of a sudden the death revolution is on!  Without being too sincere (I’m not good at interweb sincerity) this is seriously amazing.

For those of you who’ve been reading the Order of the Good Death for awhile, you know that the point is to get people talking and asking questions about death.  It’s happening!  Maniacal, crazed laughter.  And new people!  Welcome mortals!  Your life in death awaits.

Oh whaddup guys, that’s just me chillin’ on Jezebel, no big deal.

Here are some places I’ve been featured the past 24 hours.

Jezebel:  Fun, Friendly, Female Mortician Will Answer All Your Random Questions About Death

The Daily What: Morbid Curiousity of the Day

Clusterflock: Ask a Mortician

Devour:  Your Creepy Questions Answered, Creepily, by a Creepy Chick

There have been some troll comments, i.e.

“It was interesting and serves a purpose, but it irritates me a little bit that she has to be so weird and gothy.”

“i see u also wear dark colors and r cheerful about dead bodies and stuff b/c ur a special gothic snowflake hear 2 teach all us normies to stop being so uptight when family members die!”

But the vast, vast majority of people have been supportive and down to talk about death.

This morning I woke up to over 700 new YouTube subscribers.  Then I went out to my living room and magically, overnight, all of the pumpkins we carved for Halloween Monday night have turned into crazy wet soupy decomposed messes.

That’s thick white mold growing out of this pumpkin’s soulless eyes.  I had to plop them in trash bags and clean the fluid off my 19th century books and rotting pumpkin seeds off the floor.  It was totally gross and not too far off from working with human decomposition, frankly.

Most of all it’s an excellent reminder that if you work in death, even if you wake up with 12,000 views on Jezebel, by 9AM you’ll be on your hands and knees scooping rotting pumpkin off your floor.

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