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Yes, I call Death, “Deth.”  I do it all the time. 

DethSkool, DethVideo, DethJob, etc. 

Deth the post modern, lighthearted internet version of the more traditional DEATH, which holds the Scarlet Letter “A” and arouses mortal fear and leads to shunning by the townspeople.

Turns out urban dictionary has several conflicting thoughts on the origin and intended uses for the word Deth.

Woah, woah.  WOAH.  Hold on there buddy, deth absolutely IS a retarded way to spell death.  Except you spelled retarded “retarted”… but then again I’m spelling deth the retarded way… so I’m having a hard time figuring out which one of us is actually retarded and that’s CONFUSING FOR ME.

Yes?!  Right.  Thank You.

Man, I also have excused a lot of girly men in my day because of their power to shred guitar.  So I hear what this guy is saying.

Vive la deth!

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