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Of course you aren’t trollin’ the Ask a Mortician comments.  You are a real person with real things going on.  But I think this is worth sharing.

Most funeral professionals have been very kind, if not enthusiastically on board with the Order of the Good Death and Ask a Mortician.  Even if they work in traditional funerals they are passionate about education and increased openness in the industry.  But the few who have been against it are, well, really against it.

Here are two examples from AAM Ep 1 and AAM Ep 5 respectively.

I would never respond to negative comments in the vein of “u give my penis rigor mortis” and “ur an ugly goth” or whatever.  But I chose to respond here because it’s clear that these funeral directors (both labeling themselves with the very modern term for our profession) feel strongly about me not doing this website.   People who live a similar life to you, but have such a fundamentally different worldview.  It’s as if someone is insisting to you that the sky is green and the grass is blue.  YOU TRIPPIN’!  But are they?  Or are you?

I don’t call myself a funeral director because I don’t direct funerals.  I call myself a mortician because I do practice death, like a beautician practices beauty and a politician practices politics.

I don’t believe that our current death industry works for us.  Sure bodies get buried, bodies get cremated, things get done.  But we are missing a transparency, missing an interaction with the reality of death.  The knowledge of death is not for an elite group of professional technicians.  That’s like saying the knowledge of love is for an elite groups of professional technicians.  It is for everyone.

The idea is to get people talking about death.  Even negative talking is talking.  So I submit this to the Midnight Society for your own judgement.



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