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I leave tomorrow for a week in Belize. Since I will be staying in a hut on a lagoon with no electricity, this means zero Internet. Good GOD WHAT WILL I DO?

The answer is chiiilllllllll, son. Also, visit Mayan ruins by canoe. I’ve been reading about ruins in Dominion of the Dead. This book is almost impossible to get through (read it only if you’re an academic masochist) but I like the argument that ruins are the only thing that really visually show us that time is passing. We aren’t just living free and happy in nature (natural time), we’re living in a place where we build things and then watch them slowly crumble and decay (historical time). So yeah, ruins, awesome.

For those of you who ask what I’m reading — I promised I wouldn’t bring the usual death history/theory books on vaycay. But I couldn’t go totally cold turkey, so I compromised with two popular fiction death books, Being Dead and The Book Thief, both of which come highly recommended.










Sorry that I’ll be AWOL on the Facebooks, and blogs, and Twitters, and Youtubes, and emails for a week. I’ll miss you and the corpses terribly, but travel is essential for a young woman’s proper upbringing.

Vive la muerte!


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