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I’m sure everyone knows about the “FuckYeah…” genre of tumblrs.

Wherein, a specific theme is picked and celebrated through tumblr posts.

Such as:

Fuck Yeah Asian Fashion!

Fuck Yeah Kreayshawn!

Fuck Yeah Boston Terriers!

(note:  This Boston Terrier is not random, but in fact Tibi Liddell-Bok, my canine nephew.  Auntie Caitlin loves you Tibi!)

In retrospect I probably should have tried to get FuckYeahDeath in order to be topical. It does describe how I feel.  I mean, it’s death.  Fuck YEAH, Death!  You’re fantastic. I love your work.  You give us meaning to our existence and control the population.  Fuck yeah!

If you’re interested, there is actually a Fuck Yeah Death but it’s just super gory nasty bodies from circa 1999 era.  You’ve been warned.

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