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Heston Blumenthal (best name in the world, btw) is one of those “fancy” English chefs.  He does molecular gastronomy, vacuum seals, and apparently he’s a revolutionary desert bacon connoisseur.

“Blumenthal is a proponent of low temperature, ultra–slow cooking, whereby a joint of meat is cooked for up to 24 hours so as to contain the fat content while preventing collagen molecules from re-forming within the meat.”

Anyway, Heston has a TV show where he creates ridiculous things and feeds them to low grade English celebrities.  In this case it was a meal inspired by gothic novels (swoon).  The main course is a human skeleton with corresponding marrow bones and shortribs in the anatomically correct places.


I was watching this, and of course enjoying the hell out of it.  What could possibly increase my enjoyment?  The fact that one of the guests is Prota Zoa, the intergalactic rockstar from the late 90’s tween Disney movie Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century.

Or the actor who played him.  But whatever, now he’s eating animal marrow out of a human skeleton.  And has aged surprisingly well!

Here he is again in Zenon, the Zequel.


Link to Heston’s restaurant, where you WON’T get a table

Thanks to Avi’s anonymous friend

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