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Austrian photographer Klaus Pichler, whom I first saw when he released a photoseries on dust (and the problems of an overly sterile society), has photographed rotting food for his series “One Third.”

The one-third of the series title is the one-third of the world’s food that goes to waste — rots, decomposes, is thrown away.  Of course, it’s us folk in the industrialized first world that throw most of this food away, while 925 million people around the world struggle with hunger.

It’s interesting to see what Pichler’s message is, versus what I saw when I looked at the photos, which were deconstructed versions of still lifes.  The perfection we expect from a bowl of fruit, turned to its inevitable conclusion — decay and a moldy death.

Klaus Pichler’s Website, where you can see other things like his series on Dust.


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