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Of the sweetest perfection, dearest shelving unit, I desire thee!  Nay, require thee!

These shelves, rather attractive to begin with, dismantle to become an eco friendly coffin when you die.  A furniture object that holds memories, precious items, and then gives you a warm wooden post mortem hug.  Designed by artist Willam Warren, “Shelves for Life” were first released in 2006.  “What the hell was I doing on the internet at the time that wasn’t admiring these?” I now wonder.

I have many many MANY books on death.  And darque tsotchkes and collections-  lord do I have those.  If I were to have this in my home, when someone said, “what a lovely shelf this is where you keep your books on death” I would get to yell, “BAM!  Actually a secret coffin!”  …..And the person’s mind is blown and I own their soul forever.


I don’t believe the artist is making them anymore, so I’ll just have to find a strapping young woodworking soul to make all my dreams come true.


William’s Website

Thanks to Rebecca Flynn.


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