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You’re hanging out in your local churchyard cemetery (as one does) and you stumble upon a strange headstone.


Michael Murricane, died 1977, “in a road accident on the morning of his intended wedding in this church.”

At first, this sounds like the most urban legend-y crap ever. File alongside: summer camp murderer who lives in the woods and has knives for hands.

But as one Reddit user discovered, the story is totally true. Michael and his betrothed, Sally, had their the wedding set for the morning of May 28th. “Tragically Michael was killed in a car crash early on the morning of their wedding and he was later buried in Dewsall Church where they had been due to be married.”

This is where it gets even more interesting.  Buried next to Michael in the churchyard is none other than his fiancée, Sally, who died in 2011. Her headstone says “Betrothed to Michael Murricane,” even though she died 34 years after Michael.

Sally ChampionWas Sally Champion a tragic spinster, locked up in her mansion of despair, never to move on from the death of her intended husband? As it turns out: NO.

From her obituary we learn that Sally, devastated by Michael’s death, moved from Canada to London and became the technical director of the Royal Opera House. She spent her later years traveling all over the world, trekking the Himalayas and the Andes, and, while sailing around Antarctica, survived a 98-foot rogue wave that knocked out the ship’s navigation equipment.

She was buried, “as she had always wished, in a grave beside Michael in the church down the road from the house she had always loved so much.”

Sally and Michael

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