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The glamorous Nephele, administrator at, sent the Order a fantastic email giving the our members darque anagrammed names.

I really couldn’t share them with you fast enough- my heart being unable to bear the joy this brings me.


Caitlin Doughty=  Lady Nuit Gothic

Nuit: name of an Egyptian/Thelemic goddess.  Also French for “night.”


Stephanie Cheng Smith=

Stephina the Scheming or  Stephenie Nightchasm


Angeline Gragasin=

Sergiana Naegling or Gerigianna LeSang

Naegling: the name of a sword used by Beowulf to defeat the monster Grendel.

LeSang: French for “The Blood.”


Alex Frankel =  Kelan X. Feral or Allan X. Freek


Sarah Fornace =  Shafara Necro

Shafara: a name derived from Hebrew, meaning “beautiful.”

Necro: a Greek prefix meaning “death.”


Sheera Talpaz = Hespera Zlata

Hespera: name of Greek origin, meaning “evening.”

Zlata: name of Slavic origin, meaning “golden.” 


Will Coleman White = Alimiel Owle Witchman

Alimiel: an angel who is one of the seven guards of the curtain or veil of the Seventh Heaven, in midrashic literature.

Owle: “owl.”  Although modern society views the owl as a symbol of wisdom (as did the ancient Greeks), the ancient Romans viewed the owl as a bird of ill-omen, funerals, and night terrors.


Shannon Cwikla = Ninnoshka Claw

Ninnoshka: a Slavic affectionate form of “Ann.”


Carl Sondrol = Dracos Llorn

Dracos: Greek, “dragon.”


Justin Nobel = Jenison Blut

Blut:  German for “blood.”


Seth Samuel Nemec = Necessum the Mael

Necessum: Latin, meaning “necessary; imperative; inevitable.”  Like Death itself.

Mael: Welsh, meaning “prince.”


Mara Zehler = Azrela Herm

Azrela: feminine name derived from Azrael, the name of the Archangel of Death.


David Forrest = Irv Deadfrost 

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