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As die-hard (that’s right, *DIE*-hard) Ask a Mortician watchers know, in Episode Four I attempted to bake faux cremated remains into a chocolate cake, to test whether or not it was possible to serve your post-mortem ashes to your family via-pastry.

The results were bad.  Trust me, I ate that business.  Crunchy cake is gross cake (unless the crunch is walnuts or those yummy coconut flakes).

Turns out, commenter TNTTrailerTrash, a self proclaimed baking nerd, has a different assessment of why it didn’t work out:

In regards to the cake: the secret to adding dry ingredients to any cake recipe is to add enough moisture and other flavors to make up for the added dry ingredients.

What if you processed the remains again (like ran it through a food processor or coffee grinder) and then made a paste out of them with oil and vanilla extract, then added a touch of extra milk and some chocolate chips?

Also I’d reduce the amount of cremated remains to a quarter to half a cup. I think it could work and not taste like ass, actually.

There you have it!  Any other bakers (or part time cannibals) want to weigh in?


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