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The new Ask a Mortician has arrived, death fiends. This episode concerns a brand new method o’ body disposal, alkaline hydrolysis.

In the video, I create an alkaline hydrolysis machine from a limited-edition disco ball Absolut Vodka bottle. It’s my friend Ross’s bottle, acquired when he was a cameraman on the Snoop Dogg reality show Father Hood.  Apparently they gave them out at Snoop’s wedding anniversary. I was frantically looking around for something that could stand in as a round shiny metal machine (aka body dissolvin’ tube). Little did I know I would score something with this kind of cultural provenance!

Of course, the question is — now that Snoop Dogg is Snoop Lion, Bob Marley incarnate, does he even drink vodka anymore? Or does he subsist solely on marijuana and chillvibes?

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