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Press Inquiries ONLY (students, please see below):  tara (at) orderofthegooddeath.com

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General and Ask A Mortician questions: deathquestions (at) gmail.com

What is the Order of the Good Death?

A question so frequently asked, it has its own page.

Who are members of this Order?

They are the people (death professionals, academics, and artists) working to bring death awareness and acceptance into a culture that is all too often death phobic. Pop over and meet them.

Can I join the Order?

Yes. The Order is not a secret society. It would be pretty cool if it were, though. Think of the delightful blood oaths! If you work toward our mission, anyone can call themselves a member by signing our Death Positive Pledge.

I have a question for Ask a Mortician. Where can I submit it?

Send questions to deathquestions (at) gmail.com. Can you believe no one snagged the Gmail deathquestions? We can’t either. You may find your topic selected for a video or blog, but keep in mind that we are not able to answer each question individually.

Can I submit a piece to be published on the Order?

Sometimes we do publish pieces written by members of the Order community. If you’re interested, please read our pitch guide. We do not feature pieces that have been published elsewhere.

Have you seen this great death-related item (article, picture, website, etc.)?

We’ll never know until you send it along! The fastest way to share it with us is to post it on our Facebook page or @OrderGoodDeath on Twitter. If it needs more explanation, it can go to deathsubmissions (at) gmail.com.

I’m a journalist looking for contact information.

Hello there, journalist. The way to reach us is to email Tara, tara (at) orderofthegooddeath.com.  Please do not use this email if you are not a journalist (or you will be cursed in love for 5 years). No matter what deathy subject you are covering, we have an expert among our many colleagues we can connect you to!

For students: Unfortunately, with the number of families we and our colleagues currently working at funeral homes are serving we are no longer able to accommodate student or school interviews.

How do I become a mortician?

Not to be a Negative Nancy, but before you pursue a career in death you should probably know what you’re getting into.

Can I send you something in the mail?

Is it a severed head? No.

Well, OK maybe. It depends on the context.

Caitlin Doughty
c/o Clarity Funerals
5300 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 320
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Can I send you a book to get it autographed?

Unfortunately, we just do not have a large enough staff to be able to accommodate all the requests we receive for signed books. Your best bet is frequently checking our Event Page to see if Caitlin has an upcoming book signing scheduled.

I’m interested in learning more about the alternative death industry.

Great! Please visit our home funeral page and our natural burial page for more information and links.

Can I help by making a donation?

Why, absolutely!

The Order has never tried to make money or sell anything to our followers. Should you choose to donate, all costs would be put back into running the Order, including web hosting, web design, editing, resources, events, and the ability to fund more in-depth videos.

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