Why Are You Afraid of Death?

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  • SocialEmbers

    My pizza slice would be number 5. Guardianship is a practical solution but it is the emotional feelings about not being able to help my children that worry me the most. However that is getting less as they get older! Missed hearing your voice as finished your audio book last week, so good I may have to listen to it all over again! Thanks Caitlin x

  • heather Hill

    Excellent video! My fear is what will happen after death, is there an afterlife? What will it look like? I don’t have a strong faith in a traditional religion so finding something that works for me is hard. I would like to know that I’ll see my loved ones again, but who knows? I KNOW who knows! The ones that died before us! I wish they could fax us a description of what happens! whooo ha ha ha haaaa

  • Rachel Green

    brilliant video. I’m going to send the link to several people. My fear would be the afterlife — I’m an atheist now but was raised Catholic and there’s still that nagging little spectre in a tiny corner of my mind: “What if…”

    • Sheldon Wolfson

      Rachel….I agree with you…while being an atheist (raised Jewish), there is 1% of me that says “What if you are wrong?”. Wish I could hedge my bet!!!

  • James Gowan

    this was awesome , thanks corpse for sharing ..