The Foreskin Wedding Ring of St Catherine

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  • Yvonne Boots-Faubert

    Oh good Lord Caitlin, I’m still laughing! My church growing up was St. Catherine of Siena, I don’t remember them telling us these stories though….. This is reminiscent of the Incan hair eaters I learned about (I went to school for Archaeology) There were women whose job it was to eat hair & fingernail shavings shed by the Incan nobles so that they didn’t fall into the hands of those who would use them to curse the owners. I’m still trying to figure out what good eating cat vomit would do though. Anyway, love, love, love your videos and your site <3

    • Amy R.

      That was the name if my church too! This is hysterical! Teaching us about her history would have made church a heck of a lot more interesting. Thanks for the info Caitlyn!

    • stephanie zavala

      God loves you and just as He respects your name He wants you do the same by not saying His name in vain. And about eating the cat vomit, I don’t know if that’s true but if it is I think they did it as a sacrifice.

  • Thom

    St Catherine is a Catholic Saint. Being Catholic she believed that the Eucharist is the literal blood and body of Christ, not a symbolic representation.

    • stephanie zavala

      Yes indeed. Blood and Body of Christ*

  • stephanie zavala

    God is more powerful than magic, read Exodus in the plagues