Talking to Your Kids About Death!

Interview where I talk more about how to discuss death with younger children.

Mr. Rogers talks children and tragedy.

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  • Herbrainstillhurts

    I agree that talking to your kids about death, in a positive, honest way, is incredibly important. What if your kid is 25, and has never really dealt with death before? My daughter just found out that the best friend she’s had since she was 13, committed suicide yesterday. She has lost grandparents in the normal way we usually lose grandparents, but has never had one of her peers die, let alone kill themselves. How do you, personally, talk to the friends/family whose loved one has chosen to die so tragically?

  • mouse 82

    I’m so happy I found your site.

  • Bob Rodriguez

    Great info in a very charming way! Good job!

  • celine Llewellyn-Jones

    Hi Catilin, I wanted to share three great books that helped me to talk to my children about death (after a disastrous first attempt!): “Where Do We Go When We Disappear “,by Isabel Martins (philosophical and gental look at death), “Sad Book” by Michael Rosen (acknowledging the difficult feelings we have when others die), “How to Live Forever” by Colin Thompson (exploring why we might not want to live forever….). Thanks for this video and your great book.