Founding Members

The people the Order never would have gotten off the ground without. Members since 2011, we want to recognize the artists and academics who helped bring the Order to life (in death).

  • David Forrest

    David Forrest

    David does all the music (and occasionally voiceovers) for the Order’s videos, including the Ask a Mortician and Morbid Minute series. He’s a music theorist working on his PhD at Harvard, and is the mortician’s existential confidant.

  • Mara Zehler

    Mara Zehler

    Mara is a Los Angeles writer and editor, formerly of Flaunt magazine. She is the Order’s right hand woman, creating decomposing felt puppets for videos, allowing herself to be shrouded and buried for home funeral photoshoots, and editing the Order website’s blog content and social media.

  • Will C White

    Will C White

    Will is the assistant conductor of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and a composer for film. He is a frequent contributor to the content of the Order, and has been a staunch supporter and editor since Caitlin’s secret password-protected cremation blog, Salon of Souls, debuted to ten friends in 2008.

  • Alex Frankel

    Alex Frankel

    Alex is an associate professor of economics at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Every day he scours the Internet and delivers pertinent death news to the Order. In addition, he is co-founder of the Order of the Good Death Resource Library, which features literature, art, and reference books from all genres of death.

  • Angeline Gragasin

    Angeline Gragasin

    Angeline is an independent filmmaker and media maven at National Headquarters. She has directed two videos with the Order, The Ecstasy of Decay No. 1 & No. 2. She has also collaborated with Caitlin on multiple death-themed films and theater productions.

  • Will Slocombe

    Will Slocombe

    Will is a film director and writer. He works as the Events Coordinator at Film Independent, the company responsible for the LA Film Festival. His first wide-release feature, Cold Turkey, came out in the fall of 2013.  Will shot Death by Fame and provided equipment and assistance on the Order’s Ecstasy of Decay films.

  • Sheera Talpaz

    Sheera Talpaz

    Sheera is is a writer and poet, getting her Phd in comparative literature at Princeton University. Her essays and poems contributed to the Order tend to focus on her well-known pernicious fear of her impending mortality.

  • Darren Blackburn

    Darren Blackburn

    Darren is a Los Angeles photographer with a focus on the use of older film cameras. His work for the Order includes the home funeral/green burial scene originally shot for Fortnight Journal as well as death shoots for Dark Beauty magazine and The Huffington Post.