It Gets Better, Morbid Kids!

Here is a short video I did in response to the messages and emails I get from younger people who want to be morticians (or some other delightfully deathy career) but are told that they are deviant or creepy. WRONG. You are mortality-explorers and big thinkers and don’t let anyone tell you different. Our fear of death is a problem with society, not with you.

Thanks to Dan Savage, originator of the It Gets Better videos (and someone I admire tremendously) for allowing me to do the video and understanding the homage element.

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  • Anonymous

    I would love to sit and discuss our lives Caitlyn. My job is to take pictures of newborn babies within the first 24 hours they are born at the hospital. I am surrounded by new life constantly but am always aware of death. I even have to offer a promotional at my job from GerberLife which is baby life insurance just in case your newborn baby dies. I usually do it in a funny way and moms laugh with me because it’s a little ironic that I show up with a camera to document new life, while reminding mom that it can be taken away so they should be prepared. I like my job and it’s delightfully cute.

    There’s another photographer in our hospital who deals with bereavement photography when moms have stillborns or miscarriages close to due dates, or if babies die in the ICU. Most moms reject the idea of getting a picture of their dead child (a service our company offers for free) at first. It’s understandable but the hospital actually keeps the babies corpse for 1-2 months because moms usually come around to the idea in a few weeks as she’s processing and grieving and we’ve found it to be a great helper in that process when she has a picture of her child. Even though they are terribly sad and wanted so bad for their baby to have lived longer, they want some memory to take with them that it lived at all.

    I think if people think on it, we come in contact with life and death in nearly all we do. It’s always been a great reminder to me to live my life with as much purpose as possible because it does end and I want to do as much as I can before it does.

  • willowfinn

    Ooo! Props for the Die Antwoord playout music! <3

  • I think you may be my first official girl crush!

  • Imapepper

    I love you for posting this. This is totally me at that age, but I just didn’t care what others thought. As an adult my choices became life (midwifery) or death (embalmer). My mother was very happy when they started a midwifery program near me, she still hates that I STILL take pictures of dead things and bring home road kill for their skulls and now my photo album contains pictures of placentas. Oh well, if other people don’t like it, that is their problem to deal with not mine, I am just fine with it.