Happy Death-iversary!

November 3rd is the one year anniversary of the Ask a Mortician series!  Episode one was released one year ago today.

I can’t believe it’s already been a year.  Ridiculous.  I’m going to eat a cake by myself to celebrate.

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  • I’m so glad that I found this site, thanks to the wonderful Dan Savage, and it’s great that things have been going so well! Have you considered doing a post on recommended readings? Have you also considered adding a search function to the blog?

  • SUNS

    Just heard your interview on Q; really enjoyed it. At the end you talked about wanting your body left above ground when you die, to be consumed by animals, bugs, etc. Continuing that conversation, what do you think about using that method when a young child has died? Does the thought (and possibly the image) of a child being returned to the earth this way affect your ideas on this subject? Why, or why not?

  • TheSquirrel

    This blog is fantastic. I’ve always been a little scared of death, not just because dying might be painful, but because I always thought some terrible things beyond my control would happen to my body. I mean, hey, I may be dead but I still love my flesh. 😀

  • NativeA

    My biggest fear is being mistaken for dead and buried or cremated alive. What steps can I ask my loved-ones to take with physicians or morticians to ensure this doesn’t happen? Do morticians take these steps during ordinary practice? Once I’m dead and my organs are harvested, I’m with you on an above-ground burial! Sadly, it is not legal in my state.

  • OhCakeyGoodness

    Congrats on your AaMiversary, and thanks for giving me cause to use the phrase “my favorite Internet mortician” in conversation. (P.S. Is it only me who can’t help seeing that as a baby eating a chocolate cremains cake?)

  • Deborah Lee

    I love your website and your YOUTUBE videos. Your sense of humor
    is wonderful. My grandfather was a funeral director (mortician, whatever)
    and I as a child I spend several weeks each summer visiting my
    grandparents (at their apartment in the mortuary), so I have a different

    way of looking at the funeral industry than most folks. You are doing a

    great job! Deb Lee LDWNOW@hotmail.com