Duane Michals’ “Death Comes to the Old Lady”

I’ve been trolling the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s open collections for a few weeks now. Yes, I’m forced to do ALL THE TROLLING myself until I have engineered death elves to do this work for me. The Met is a goldmine of new art, culture, etc., to share with the Order.

As Duane Michals’ “Death Comes to the Old Lady” is a photo series, not a single photo/artwork, I wanted to share it here.  Michals is an American photographer, and this series was shot in 1969. It is in the Met’s collection, but not currently on display.  It WILL be on display when the Met is like, “Caitlin, would you like to curate a death retrospective?” And I’ll be like, “Well, I’m not really qualified BUT I have been trolling your collection online and I know a lot about death so yeah sign me up, guys!”

Death Comes to An Old Lady 1989.1113b 1989.1113c 1989.1113d 1989.1113e
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  • Micah 李 文 Jung

    why is death an old man?

    • Lisa LaVigne

      Probably “Death” is representing a husband who’s died before her and he shows up to escort her to the afterlife.

      • Micah 李 文 Jung

        but why does it have too look so spooky

  • Michelle

    and why does he where glasses? Otherwise, beautiful

    • Michelle

      oops – *wear*

    • Because they make him look smarter, duh! 🙂

  • kiss monkey

    angel,,,,, how do u deal with the death of young children ,,,, perhaps strong drink?

  • Anonymous

    I like this.