Do Crows Have Funerals?

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  • Doreen

    Fresh out of any experiences with dead crows or any other dead birds for that matter, but I have a dead dog story. One April morning I went out to my garage where my Husky slept and per my normal routine I tossed her a biscuit. Only this morning she didn’t move. Yikes! She was dead. And she looked like she had died in the middle of a nightmare or else a painful something as her face had a terrible snarl frozen on it. My Collie trotted it out behind me and just stopped cold and would not go closer. After I realized I couldn’t break ground to bury my beloved friend, I decided to put her in the trunk and take her remains to the vet for cremation. When I moved Sheba’s body (the Husky), Chelsea (the Collie), ran right over and grabbed the fallen biscuit-let’s not waste any food! Once I had my beloved friend (Sheba)) in the trunk, my other buddy, Chelsea tried to get in, too. Now my dogs had never ridden in the trunk, alone or together. In fact, my Collie did not like to go in the car as she got car sick every time. So it was an unusual behavior for her to try to get in the car. For the next couple of weeks Chelsea seemed to mope around the house, out of sorts without her buddy. One day a friend stopped by with his dog and boy, did Chelsea rperk up! She looked as if she could be smiling.

  • Bibi

    Of course we anthropomorphize our pets. How could we not? We had two Shar Peis that we walked twice daily, morning and evening. Spencer always insisted on taking point on walks, and Sally just took her time. Well Sally had chronic kidney failure–apparently endemic to the breed–and lived only 7 years. After she died Spencer was a little lost without her. For months afterward every time we started out on our walk, he would stop, turn around and look for her. He dawdled in the driveway, reluctant to leave the yard without her. Eventually he stopped looking, but it took nearly a year. Did he mourn? I don’t know, but he certainly missed her.