ASK A MORTICIAN – All About Cremation!

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  • CatCampion

    You’re so adorkable! Cant wait to meet/learn from you here in LA.

  • Albert Jaccoma

    I can’t thank you enough for the information you provide as well as the way in which you present it. I’m in the difficult situation of sole end of life caregiver for my partner of he past 40 years and your practical approach to the final disposition of mortal remains is extremely helpful.
    A.J. (New York City)

  • Nicholas Cullen

    a few years ago I saw a chipmunk observing another one who had been hit by a car. It was definitely doing what you described. I did assign a human behavior to it in my mind.

  • Killer cremation machine impression Cait. This is informative (and hilarious). I have another question, what do you think about services that make diamonds / jewelry from cremated ashes such as and some others? Do you see this gaining in popularity?