Ask a Mortician Scientific Donation

Scientific Body Donation– total dystopian creepfest or the modern way to go?

That, my friends, is up to you as you choose your own post-mortem adventure!

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  • Hannah Gilgun

    Has anyone ever asked you what YOU would like done with your body when you die? Also, what kind of funeral, if any, would you like to have? Curious mind(s) want(s) to know!

    • Tuonetar

      Check out episode 2! 🙂

  • Michael Graves

    Hello My name is Michael Graves. You are fantastic and I think you are adorable. Anyway, what are some of the stranger things people have asked you for from the people they are leaving behind? Do people ever ask for finger nails or skin, tattoos their loved ones had on them things like that? Are you allowed to bury people at your home if you live in an unincorporated area like the salton sea?

  • Megan

    You just may be the most likable person ever. These videos are great, and your wit and “super smart good vibes” are simply awesome. Thank you.

  • Gerald

    your videos are offset from your page layout. Great stuff though!

  • Marcel Larouche

    I wish to be composted, supporting life, returning the carbons that I used. No formaldehyde for me or fancy lumber and silks kept underground in a vault for me. I want to be composted but the law says “NO WAY JOSE” we will write you up for that! I don’t see the point in allowing vanity go on after death. I am satisfied looking dam good until then.

  • Malmborg Implano

    We love you, Caitlin!

    I’ve donated my remains to my local medical school as well as giving them permission to view my medical records after my death. It’s actually motivated me to take better care of myself because if I end up in a usable state, the way I’ve treated my own body over the years is going to get some close scrutiny.