Ask a Mortician — Liquefying Bodies

The new Ask a Mortician has arrived, death fiends. This episode concerns a brand new method o’ body disposal, alkaline hydrolysis.

In the video, I create an alkaline hydrolysis machine from a limited-edition disco ball Absolut Vodka bottle. It’s my friend Ross’s bottle, acquired when he was a cameraman on the Snoop Dogg reality show Father Hood.  Apparently they gave them out at Snoop’s wedding anniversary. I was frantically looking around for something that could stand in as a round shiny metal machine (aka body dissolvin’ tube). Little did I know I would score something with this kind of cultural provenance!

Of course, the question is — now that Snoop Dogg is Snoop Lion, Bob Marley incarnate, does he even drink vodka anymore? Or does he subsist solely on marijuana and chillvibes?

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  • EryckaMoondragon

    One of my close friends is majoring in mortuary science. I am pagan and often feel left out due to my views on death, which I think are more progressive than most Americans.

    I absolutely love your blog and your youtube channel, thank you for making death so clinical and not so “morbid” and scarey to talk about. I really liked your video on Grief Talk because I am majoring in SW. I have lost people close to me and the grief process is something people are uncomfortable with. (Why?!? Ugh.)

    My question for you is, How do you prepare a body that is pregnant, in order to prevent coffin
    birth (postmortem fetal extrusion)? I understand coffin birth is rare, but I’m not sure if the fetus has a second casket or not.

    Thank you so much,
    Erycka Moondragon

  • laura sina

    oh thank you. thank you catlin for that bit at the end. i really, REALLY, needed that laugh! 🙂