Ask a Mortician Halloween & Death

Morticians become very popular ’round Halloween, for obvious reasons.  As such, I decided to take the message into my own hands with an Ask a Mortician on how Halloween turned from Celtic death ceremony to trick or treat consumerism.

Worry not though, deathlings.  Halloween may be a bit suspect, but I still love a mini KitKat and the Walgreens decoration section this time of year.  Have fun and be safe: bob for apples, not guns (this is not a real saying).

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  • Bill Sawchuk

    Hi Caitlin…I was on my way home from work and i heard your interview on CBC with G …..i say g because i wont try and text spell his name …it may turn out to be cursing in Lebanese….anyway I have now watched all of your videos and I love them …you r soo freakin cool..all of my childhood days i have been into death and dead bodies…I played in a bamd with an ambulance attendant and became very good friends with him and his whole family who own the ambulance base .so i have been to accidents and picked up bodies with him…and I have friends who own funeral homes and my old room mate and bestman collected old embalming equipment ….anyway that’s my deathstory or history I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog’s and your Outlook on bringing death back …Hahahaha I made a funny …where was i ..oh ya i am totally on board with what you believe in.i have photos of my great grandma’s funeral held at home with the most powerful picture of my baba..I’m Ukranian ..thats grandma …with my dad and other relatives all standing around the casket which is lying on the front steps of their old house…each face of every mourner tells such a story ….it is one of my most cherished keepsakes from a forgotten much simpler time …where a funeral was a celebration of ones life and not a selfish oh poor me what Will I do now …what about ME and how much money did they leave me ….just sad that’s all I can say …sad…..but enough about me …its all about you ..I really dig what you do …thanks for it …all of it …peace B Sawchuk……Cottam Ontario Canada

    • jim

      Gian Gomeshi is of Iranian background. I heard the interview and enjoy the videos. Intriguing.

  • Fantastic. Thank you for the themed episode, it was lovely and informative as always. Also, thank you for dropping some Ministry on the masses. Ahh.

  • Nealbo

    Love it!

  • Jeff Petrie

    Gotta have Ministry for this one.