Ask a Mortician Exploding Caskets

A dirty little secret of the death industry, the exploding sealed casket.

It will *blow* your mind.  That’s right, I said it.  No regrets.

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  • A long time ago I worked in a hospital as a security guard. One of the other guards, whom I will call Al, told me that he was taking a corpse to the morgue one day (we called it the ‘necropsy suite’ – so much friendlier), when the corpse kicked him. Was Al making shit up? Can a corpse kick?

    • Claire

      Did you work in an animal hospital? Because necropsies are performed on dead animals; autopsies are performed on dead humans.

      • Anonymous

        It was a people hospital. This was 40 years ago. Maybe the nomenclature has changed since then? It was also known as the embalming room.

  • Karen

    So random browsing led me to the Wikipedia article on adipocere. Tell me more! How often does this actually happen? Is it something that you’ve ever had to deal with? Is it useful? How does this differ from being preserved in a bog?

  • old undertaker

    when I get going chomping down at the all you can eat food bar I come up with a ton o gas…KABOOM!

  • Rich

    Do you believe in ghosts? Any good stories?

  • Maer

    WOW!!! YOU are my new best friend! Bookmarked, shared, FB liked.. ALL that stuff. An entertaining learning experience. LOVE it!

  • You are hilarious – really enjoying all of your videos and your website while I should be working:)

  • Red

    The only thing I disagree with is your suggestion that we leave our pet in the woods for wildlife to eat. I’m a wildlife rehabilitator (31 yrs) and wanted to leave myself outdoors as a final contribution to sustaining life, sorta like Tibetans do traditionally… but people, cats, dogs, cows, pigs are not fit for wildlife consumption, too polluted and fatty. Not only that, but you don’t want to habituate wildlife to people and their pets, it might eventually cost wildlife their lives as a result of losing their natural fear of us and getting killed when they don’t run away from us or land in front of a stupid mean person or a pet.

    Other than that, I am in love with your lessons. Your gallows humor is exactly like mine! I read “Stiff” last year (all her books are wonderful) and love the idea of liquid nitrogen (Promessa), mailing my residuals to my cousin on the east coast and having her toss me in the Hudson in a paper bag. I called all three local big funeral parlors about the idea last year and they were, at best, quite cold towards me. D’ya think they don’t like it because there’s no profit margin in dumping yourself in the river, hmm? We are so death-phobic as a culture that there are very few sources one can ask questions, and the funeral industry imho takes advantage of that when relatives are at their most vulnerable.

    I mean, I can see wanting a place to visit if one leaves family, but I would rather give those thousands to conservation than a funeral director (please don’t take it personal). Or put a marble memorial birdbath in the back yard… Or plant a tree with a memorial placard in an open space. Why would anyone want to be buried, when they will probably end up under a newly paved parking lot outside Macy’s or a McDonald’s some day anyway?