Ask a Mortician Exploding Caskets

A dirty little secret of the death industry, the exploding sealed casket.

It will *blow* your mind.  That’s right, I said it.  No regrets.

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  • AutismNewsBeat

    A long time ago I worked in a hospital as a security guard. One of the other guards, whom I will call Al, told me that he was taking a corpse to the morgue one day (we called it the ‘necropsy suite’ – so much friendlier), when the corpse kicked him. Was Al making shit up? Can a corpse kick?

    • Claire

      Did you work in an animal hospital? Because necropsies are performed on dead animals; autopsies are performed on dead humans.

      • Anonymous

        It was a people hospital. This was 40 years ago. Maybe the nomenclature has changed since then? It was also known as the embalming room.

  • Karen

    So random browsing led me to the Wikipedia article on adipocere. Tell me more! How often does this actually happen? Is it something that you’ve ever had to deal with? Is it useful? How does this differ from being preserved in a bog?

  • old undertaker

    when I get going chomping down at the all you can eat food bar I come up with a ton o gas…KABOOM!

  • Rich

    Do you believe in ghosts? Any good stories?

  • Maer

    WOW!!! YOU are my new best friend! Bookmarked, shared, FB liked.. ALL that stuff. An entertaining learning experience. LOVE it!

  • Jenny Grace

    You are hilarious – really enjoying all of your videos and your website while I should be working:)