Ask a Mortician Corpse Poo

And now, the number one most asked question by internet brodudes! Corpse Poo you want, corpse poo you’re gonna get.

Note the new single question formatting, hopefully this allows me to do more frequent episodes.

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  • Sending some kittay lubs yer way!  Now, with that out of the way, let me say that I’v been a lurkey turkey for quite sometime & you know you’ve made it in the “death industry” when the FDA uses a linky dink to your awesome goodness.  Caitlyn, you really need to consider writing a book.  You should also consider teaching at a “deth skool.”  You are wicked smart, overtly good at making cold, hard facts more tolerable & face it Mamacita; you really are one of a kind!  We need more morticians & deth skool teachers to be less “stick up the keyster” sorts & “tell it like it is, yet with flair & panache” peeps like you.Really, you freakin’ rock, out loud & without distortion!

  • old undertaker

    In embalming lab one day I took off a diaper of a corpse and the licensed FD ran when he saw the pooooooooo. I laughed told him watch out I’m a pro at changing poopy diapers with twins.

  • AnaC

    Earlier you said rigor mortis starts 2-3 hrs after death and lasts 2-3 days. When/how is the body prepared (being that stiff) of those who do not embalm their dead?