ASK A MORTICIAN – Confronting Your Death

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  • Rachel Green

    Great thought provocation 🙂 I’ve taken steps to have my body donated to science*. I can’t dictate what it will be used for, but I know it will be of some benefit to someone. *After all possible organ donations are made, obviously.

  • Annette Terpstra

    I am trying to keep this short. I saw you last night on Andy Ruins Everything and that show and your site today have in short broken an 8 year panic attack I have been having about dying. I am dying, probably not today, and I have no diseases that I am aware of right now, but of course death is coming for me. Instead of inducing panic, like that thought would have yesterday, today I am calm and am thinking I need to make sure my wishes are written out somewhere.

    Two things change this for me. First, I thought about what will happen really when I die (I assume I sorta. . like. . fall asleep and that’s it) and I realized I can be buried naturally without embalming and steel vaults! I am not exaggerating when I say you have changed my life, for the better. . .please keep talking!!