Dying fat: what are your funeral options?

Even during a terrible time we want everyone to have the best experience possible at funeral homes. There can be difficult surprises at the end of life if the deceased was fat and requires additional accommodations and funds. Be prepared for these realities in advance with a video made to address many of your questions and concerns.

What happens to people with no family/next of kin and the homeless?

Annual service in Los Angeles County for those whose bodies were not claimed, photo by Allen J. Schaben

A Certain Kind of Death is a fascinating documentary on this topic. It lays bare the mysterious process that goes on all around us when people die with no next of kin.

What happens when someone dies suddenly or mysteriously? Here’s a behind the scenes episode of This is Life With Lisa Ling as she shadows employees at the LA County Coroner, America’s busiest coroner’s offie.

You can learn more on what happens to unclaimed bodies in various places around the U.S. in The Unclaimed Dead.

Here is a study about how to engage homeless individuals in end-of-life planning, including completing advance directives.

The Muslim Free Burial Association is dedicated to providing Muslim burials for those without family or friends.

What happens to unclaimed remains?

Each state has different laws and methods in place if no one steps up to bury or cremate a body. Here is some general information to start.

You’ll have to turn to Google for the procedures in your specific city, but take a look at a few examples of what occurs in: Washington, Los Angeles, and New York.

Aan arm with light skin touches the top of an urn on a shelf