This is the first film in a series from something (someone?)…

This is the first film in a series from something (someone?) called “The Midnight Archive."  I do so long for them to make more, because this one is about a Brooklyn pet mummifier. Perhaps more interesting than her super secret salt soak preservative formula for Mr. Fluffy, is that she apparently has an interested human all lined up for her services.  The legality of that is fascinating to me.  I say it can’t legally be done (in our current oppressive state run death climate) but perhaps Sorceress Cagliastro has all sorts of loopholes I know nothing of.  Regardless, this is insanely entertaining. Thanks to Soceress Fif Liddell for the link. 

September 12, 2011 | Blog

A Repository for Remains of the Dead

I was entirely unaware of mostly all of this.  But it’s fascinating. From last week’s New York Times. For nearly a decade, a large white tent has stood on Manhattan’s East Side, out of urban context and hard against the sooty Frank... 

September 10, 2011 | Blog

State-by-state cremation rates in U.S.

Note that Mississippi is the only state in single digits (9.56%) and Nevada is our highest cremation rate in the US (68.41%). Of course, it’s pretty clear that we’re looking at west coast burn me, midwest & south bury me.  Cultural con... 

September 9, 2011 | Blog

Why Hello, Turritopsis nutricula

Turritopsis nutricula may be the world’s only “immortal” creature. Jellyfish usually die after propagating but Turritopsis reverts to a sexually immature stage after reaching adulthood and is capable of rejuvenating itself. The 4-5mm diameter... 

September 8, 2011 | Blog

From “Leningrad: The Epic Siege of World War II”, by Anna Reid

The point at which an entire family was doomed was when its last mobile member became too weak to queue for rations.  Heads of households — usually mothers — were thus faced with a heartbreaking dilemma: whether to eat more food themselves, so as to stay on their feet, or whether to give more to the family’s sickest member — usually a grandparent or child — and risk the lives of all.  For this reason… The Russian language makes the morally vital distinction between trupoyedstvo — ‘corpse-eating’ — and lyudoyedstvo — ‘person-eating’, or murder for cannibalism. 

September 6, 2011 | Blog

Gifs from Doctors

I received two animated .gifs in my email this week from two dear friends who happen to be doctors.  Is there a something to this?  Perhaps doctors, due to their extensive schooling, are at a higher level of internet technology.  Hence the .gifs, no... 

September 5, 2011 | Blog