The Death Positive Roots of Halloween

Halloween was once intricately tied to a day when we actively engaged with death; and facing our own mortality was at the heart of the celebration.   

October 22, 2018 | Blog


Funerals, archeologists claim, are almost as old as humanity itself. It is seen as a given that we will send our dead into the unknown with respect. But what if some people’s lives are beneath celebration? What if the body in the casket belonged to a violent criminal, or a terrorist, or a member of an oppressive political regime? Rafaela Ferraz tells a little known story about this very question. 

October 13, 2018 | Blog

Faces of Death: Katrina Spade

Our series, Faces of Death, showcases the death revolutionaries we are fortunate enough to work with here at The Order. This month, meet Katrina Spade, who is developing a new form of death care that transforms bodies into soil, so that we can return to the earth after we die. 

September 5, 2018 | Blog